Address Book 

This is a growing address book that people associated with RTS can use as a resource.   

If there are organizations that you have found particularly helpful and you would like them to be added, please contact Michelle Farrell.  Of if you would like to be added to the address book as a resource for other RTS parents, please contact Michelle. 

If there are any changes in addresses that you are aware of, please let Michelle know.   

Baxter, Lorrie and Garry
24081 G Lane
Cedar, KS 67628
USA RTS Parent Group

Broderson, Kip
Transition to Group Home

Estes, Janet
Administrator of the RTS List Serve

Farrell, Michelle
P.O. Box 313
Windham, NH 03087
866-316-9029 (toll free)
Special Friends Foundation

Finklea, Claudia
Inclusion, child development

Garavente, Chris
120 Shawnee Path
Millington, NJ 07946
Special Friends Foundation

Goodrum, Sherry
Estate Planning Lawyer

Harris, Pam
Integrating augmentative and alternative communication

Harris, Shelley
Sibling Support and Sibling Issues

Johnston, Keith
Rehabilitation engineer – specializes in computers

Kelly, Jane
Special Education Teacher

Lavigne, Jean
1265 Famlit Court
Gloucester, ON
K1J 9A3
 RTS Canada

Nichols, Donna
Occupational Therapist

Page, Diane

RTS Argentina

RTS Brazil

RTS Canada

RTS England

RTS France

RTS Germany

RTS Netherlands 

RTS Spain

Stevens, Dr. Cathy
T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital
910 Blackford St. 
Chattanooga, TN 37403

University Affiliated Cincinnati
Center for Development Disorders
3333 Burnet Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45229-3039

--Dr. David Schor
RTS Program Director

--Amy Clawson
Family Coordinator, Outreach
(513) 636-4723