Third Party Payers

Understanding the different methods of paying for medical services takes some time.  Social workers or case workers can be helpful in explaining some of your options, especially with Medicaid and Social Security.  Your first step is to understand your private insurance.  Children with disabilities can also be eligible for Medicaid or Social Security on top of your private insurance.  Typically, Medicaid and Social Security are based on family income.  But there are government programs that do supplement private insurance that are not based on income.  These programs vary state to state.  Ask your social worker, or case worker, or other families with children with special needs, if they know of any programs.  These programs can be very helpful, but they sometimes have a long waiting list, so it is best to start looking now.  The most common waiver through Social Security, not based on income, is the Katie Beckett waiver, however not every state offers it, and the exact details vary state to state.  Be patient figuring out the ropes, it will be frustrating at times, but diligence and many questions typically pays off.