Job Description: Special Friends Home Director

Summary: Special Friends Foundation ( is a 501c3 charitable organization founded by Carol and Chris Garavente in 1997 to assist special needs individuals and their families. There is a tremendous shortage of residential solutions for intellectually and developmentally disabled adults. To address this need, Special Friends is founding their first group home for intellectually disabled adults in Drexel Hill, PA. Our goal in this endeavor is to provide a loving, dignified, and encouraging environment for special needs house mates that will allow them to live full, rich lives. A five bedroom home has been purchased and approved by the Upper Darby Zoning Board for use as a group home.

Leadership Models: Special Friends has chosen to pursue a care model based on family living. Here are three possible leadership models that would accomplish this goal:

  • An Executive Director with support staff
  • A married couple
  • A qualified team (Graduate students in the field of special education or related studies would be an example) .

THE MOST IMPORTANT CRITERIA FOR ANY CANDIDATE(S) IS THAT THEY FEEL THAT CARING FOR THE LEAST OF US IS A VOCATIONAL CALL THEY ARE ANSWERING. With that said, our compensation and benefits will be competitive and negotiated commensurate with the skill sets presented.  

Job Responsibilities

The job has two primary components:

  • Leadership and Administration
  • Direct Care

The leadership role is the equivalent of Chief Operating Officer of a small company. Responsibilities will include:

  • Familiarity with client ISPs.
  • Interface with Support Coordinators on planning, goal creation and ISP implementation.
  • Monthly notes for each client
  • Client related billing and account reconciliation
  • Required regulatory reporting
  • Monitoring and implementation of ODP bulletins and policies
  • Budgeting
  • Preparation of Board of Director reports
  • Work cooperatively with the President

Direct Care Tasks :

  • 1. Bathing- showering, washing hair
  • 2. Grooming- shaving, combing/brushing hair, brushing teeth, general hygiene
  • 3. Dressing- selecting clothes for the day appropriate for weather, assisting in putting clothes on.
  • 4. Toileting
  • 5. Health- transport to medical and dental visits
  • 6. Errands
  • 7. Grocery Shopping
  • 8. Laundry
  • 9. Household chores (in cooperation with clients)
  • 10. Transportation- to day programs and related community activities
  • 11. Meals- preparation, serving, feeding, clean up (in cooperation with clients when appropriate)
  • 12. Recreation/activity planning

Resources: The following resources will be available:

  • Special Friends minivan
  • Cell phone
  • Special Friends credit card/gas card
  • Costco card
  • Expense reimbursement for SFF expenses


  • 3914 Cedar Lane closed November 2016
  • First resident (Louis) January 2017
  • Training Spring 2017
  • Start date June 2017
  • Recruiting of additional clients H2 2017
  • Addition of supplemental staff as necessary H2 2017


  • Multi year commitment
  • Core compensation to be determined
  • Expense account
  • Uber account
  • Training hours compensated

Preferred Requirements:

  • Willingness to do God’s work
  • Experience with special needs individuals
  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field (Special Education, Psychology, etc).

To Apply:

If interested, please download the application (under employment>application) and submit:

1. The application

2. A personal statement that includes specifics as to why the applicant(s) are uniquely qualified to take on the responsiblities of living in community and parenting adults with special needs.

3. A resume

Chris Garavente
President, Special Friends Foundation