Medicaid provides medical assistance for children and families with low income.  It was established under Title XIX of the Social Security Act in 1965. It is jointly run by the federal and state government.  Therefore, you will find differences from state to state and within the state.  The states are responsible for determining the type, amount, duration, and scope of services; setting the rate of payment for services; and administering its own program.  Some Medicaid programs are now paying managed care organizations or other insurance companies to provide health services to their participants.  The participants are then required to follow that benefit contract.  To learn more about Medicaid within your state and eligibility visit the website  This site is an excellent resource.  Another helpful resource in determining your eligibility is your social worker.  If your child does not qualify for Medicaid, some states have programs under Social Security/Medicaid that provide medical assistance to children regardless of their parent’s income.  This waiver is typically called the Katie Beckett Waiver.