Thank You!

The Special Friends Foundation would like to thank everyone that has contributed to this website.  This site is designed to be an interactive site that demonstrates how working together makes information available to everyone.  It takes medical information and research, financial support from donors, many hours from parents looking for the best for their child and then sharing their information, to make this site successful, thank you.  

The Special Friends Foundation would like to thank Dr. Rubinstein, his wife, Marlene Rubinstein and the dedicated staff, at the RTS Program of the University Affiliated Cincinnati Center for Development Disorders in Cincinnati, OH for their hard work in providing medical information, research, and support about RTS.  We sadly report that Dr. Rubinstein and his wife passed away in June 2006, they will be greatly missed.

The Special Friends Foundation would not be able to exist without the generous support that it has received.  Many of our donors have never even met a child with RTS.  It is through their generosity that we can truly call them Special Friends.  We have received donations through memorials, birthday gifts, holiday gifts, and good hearts.  It touches the foundation so dearly to know how many people support our efforts in helping people with RTS and their families live a loving life.  Thank you.    

The parents and families of individuals with Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome are a special group.  They give each other support and advice, along with sharing the triumphs of their children’s successes.  If you have called Lorrie Baxter, you are sure to remember your conversation with love in your heart.  She is truly a special person that we are so lucky to have in our lives.   

The RTS community is an extraordinary group in their quests to provide what is best for people with RTS and to help each other along the way.  Thank you for demonstrating what is truly important in life, you are all the best!