You, as the Advocate


There will be times when you wish you were a lawyer, so that you could understand the educational laws.  The primary laws that effect the education of children with special needs are IDEA, Section 504 and the No Child Left Behind Act.  Most of the information provided on this web site about these laws is paraphrased or directly quoted from Occupational and Physical Therapy in Educational Environments edited by Irene R. McEwen, an excellent resource.  Another amazing resource is    

The highest laws and legislative acts are the Federal Statutes, which document the law for all of the states, then the Federal Regulations are written as guidelines to these statutes.  The individual states then write their State Statutes under the Federal Statutes.  The states must provide at least what the Federal Statutes state.  The states also provide State Regulations to give guidelines to the State Statutes.